We’re a newly formed Public Benefit Corporation on an R&D mission to significantly reduce fomite transmissions of disease causing pathogens which may infect humans as we unconsciously touch within our T-ZONES (eyes, nose and mouth). T-Zone areas can be pathways for a variety of infections to enter our bodies. Good hand hygiene and reducing hands to face contact is a sure way to slow the spread of disease causing pathogens .

The Device

The present disclosure relates to new personal protection equipment (PPE); an ambidextrous forearm fabric sleeve that comprises an interchangeable and programmable electronic RFID module of components that communicate with near field RFID transponders placed strategically on a human’s upper arm (biceps/triceps) and/or torso area. The sleeve module comprises; a modified printed circuit board, microcontroller, an RFID reader, a monitor to visually track each engagement, Bluetooth that sends the data to authorized paired devices, an audio alert for each engagement, LED (light emitting diodes) flashes for each engagement, battery monitoring and mute switch that enables silent and blind tracking.

Our Plan

It is critical that all healthcare workers become disciplined in the soundest hygienic behavior patterns available to humankind whereas; technological advances like the subject invention, can provide a powerful and effective opportunity for healthcare workers to overcome detrimental face touching behavior patterns within their fundamental training, a training that may be re-visited from time to time because the previous data can be stored and compared. We plan to conduct human factor studies, bench tests and/or clinical trials among healthcare workers and others while conducting further research and development to miniaturize the device so that children too may wear the device comfortably while undergoing the therapies.

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