about Aicomsci

Sivad Aicomsci, PBC, (AICOMSCI) is a new public benefit corporation that was formed to support and promote a novel infection prevention and control, (“IPC”) invention created and developed by a founder of AICOMSCI. We are a women & minority owned startup on a mission to add another IPC layer of protection for healthcare workerst, patients, and the community in general.

After almost 2 years in research and development we now have multiple minimum viable products (“MVPs”) ready for limited production and human factor analysis. The “IPaC Training Sleeve” version 1.0, is a first of its kind shareable wearable sensor and training device that fits the FDA definition of a “low risk general wellness product”.

The quantifiable impact of face touching or the lack of, has thus far been an unknown. At a minimum, the IPaC Training Sleeve can provide studies and researchers with potential control groups – the trained vs the untrained, the certified vs the uncertified, and so on.

In the war against spreading infections, any slow down may become an exponential slowdown. This is why our #1 goal is to get our novel IPaC Training Sleeves into every healthcare setting in the world and our #2 goal (close behind) is to get our novel IPaC Training Sleeves into every school setting in the world!

International Patents Pending

The world rewards innovation through intellectual property rights. The Patent Cooperation Treaty is an international patent law treaty that provides a unified procedure for filing patent applications to protect inventions in each of its contracting states or nations. PCT US20/46873 was filed in August 2020 with a May 2020 priority date. Aicomsci intends to excercise its international rights in multiple PCT nation states in respect to our stated worldwide goals.

The Accelerometer Version

During the course of development and attempts to miniaturize, we also experimented with accelerometer versions of our wearable sensor and while this version definitely enables miniaturization to the smart watch level, we feel it does not have the same impact as our shareable reusable sleeves provide to healthcare and organizational settings. Affordability becomes less of an issue under the “group sharing circumstances” and this enables populations who may be lower income and/or in rural areas without easy access to healthcare, the access to critical IPC training they will remember. Another benefit to wearing the sleeves vs smart watches is that the sleeves establish a better presence during training than wearing a watch (which you must own), and since our primary goal for next level IPC (infection
prevention and control) is bahavioral modification, that presence increases awareness among other advantages.

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